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#1780960 - 01/29/13 09:24 PM Credit Report Fee on GFE & HUD
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I know that we are required to note the BANK PAID fee of $7.57 for a credit report on the GFE and HUD. Figuring out how to do that on ARTA has been a challenge.

One GFE did not contain the $7.57 fee that is paid by the bank and I think that does not constitute a 'changed circumstance' that requires a new GFE. Is anyone in my corner?

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#1780981 - 01/29/13 09:50 PM Re: Credit Report Fee on GFE & HUD SouthoftheBorder
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Failure to disclose a known fee is not grounds for a changed circumstance.

In the comparison chart on page 3 of the HUD $0 will go in the GFE column for the credit report fee and $7.57 will go in the HUD column. If the $7.57 together with other overages exceed the 10% tolerance then you will have to cure.
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#1781037 - 01/29/13 11:05 PM Re: Credit Report Fee on GFE & HUD SouthoftheBorder
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I'm betting Arta will properly prepare your docs if you stop trying to mark the credit report as Bank Paid on the GFE.
The GFE doesn't take into account who pays for what.
It's only suppossed to list the costs of getting the loan...period.
The HUD is where you give credits for items the bank or seller or any other third party pays.

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#1781819 - 01/31/13 08:01 PM Re: Credit Report Fee on GFE & HUD SouthoftheBorder
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Our system (Compliance One) you actually CAN go ahead and mark it lender paid and POC, but it will still enter it properly on the GFE.
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