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#17807 - 05/15/02 05:47 PM Encoders need caffeine

If you need a laugh today, I recommend clicking over to Court Watch to read our writeup of the France v. Ford Motor Credit Company case involving encoding errors and checkwriting errors. It's hard to believe so much could go so wrong with two little checks.

We've also added cases on privacy and premises security. The privacy one involves a bank getting sued after trying to help a customer whose paycheck went into the wrong account. In the premises security case, the bank's young customer is killed over a $64.06 night deposit and his parents sued the bank. The bank won, but it's instructive to read about the types of facts the court examined in order to determine whether the bank should be liable.

How do you like Court Watch so far?

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#17808 - 05/15/02 05:53 PM Re: Encoders need caffeine
Andy_Z Offline
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How do I like Court Watch so far? Even Judge Judy would be proud.
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#17809 - 05/15/02 08:21 PM Re: Encoders need caffeine

I wonder how many encoders got fired over that mess?

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#17810 - 05/15/02 08:43 PM Re: Encoders need caffeine
Michele Petry Offline
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Maybe they got transferred to the IRS lockbox facility?

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#17811 - 05/16/02 05:15 PM Re: Encoders need caffeine
zaibatsu Offline
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No Mary Beth, encoders need cotton underwear:

You may need to register for the New York Times online to read this, but it is free and this is priceless.
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#17812 - 05/16/02 07:09 PM Re: Encoders need caffeine

Tightie whities. Who knew?

That was well worth registering at the nytimes site!

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