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#1782166 - 02/01/13 05:59 PM Happy Birthday, Dani!
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'Lil Freak!
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The psych ward
Last night I dreamt a bunch of BOL posters were gathered in an abandoned warehouse. They were all dressed up as scary clowns. Pennywise came through the door pushing a giant cake and I popped out. Happy Birthday!!
No, I didn't lose my mind. It got scared and ran away.

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#1782167 - 02/01/13 06:03 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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You are here
Happy birthday
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#1782174 - 02/01/13 06:14 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Were you dressed as a clown as well, or in your typical attire for popping out of cakes?? This makes a big difference as to which direction that dream was heading.

Happy birthday Dani!
Someone's about to get horned!

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#1782175 - 02/01/13 06:15 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Have a wonderful birthday, Dani!!
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#1782176 - 02/01/13 06:16 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
raitchjay Online
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Happy Birthday!
I'm fixin' to fix that.

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#1782179 - 02/01/13 06:18 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Bozo says Happy Birthday!! grin
Run like the wind, but never forget gravity. wink

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#1782187 - 02/01/13 06:28 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Happy Birthday Dani! Hope you have a great day!!

::honks Bozo's nose::
We're all here 'cause we've lost control.


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#1782195 - 02/01/13 06:34 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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the sandy shore
Happy birthday Dani! Hope it is full of non-suspicious and fully compliant activities!
I disbelieved what he was saying so hard, I probably created an alternate universe where it wasn't true.

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#1782205 - 02/01/13 06:53 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! E.E.G.B
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New Jersey
Happy Birthday, Dani!!!
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Peter Drucker

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#1782209 - 02/01/13 06:57 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Happy Cake Day Dani!
I can explain it to you. I can't understand it for you.

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#1782216 - 02/01/13 07:04 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Happy Birtday Dani!!
Some days good karma isn't worth the hassle.

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#1782219 - 02/01/13 07:09 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Happy Birthday, Dani!
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

- Frederick Douglass

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#1782222 - 02/01/13 07:12 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Have a wonderful birthday!
Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will head for the beach!

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#1782228 - 02/01/13 07:22 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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DD Regs
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Happy Birthday, Dani!
I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.

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#1782230 - 02/01/13 07:24 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Dani York, CRCM
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Thanks everybody!
I can't herd the cats anymore, so I just set up the electric fences and let them fry when they stray out of bounds.

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#1782459 - 02/04/13 12:26 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Happy belated birthday!
Do, or do not; there is no try. - Yoda

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#1782461 - 02/04/13 12:57 PM Re: Happy Birthday, Dani! 'Lil Freak!
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Turnpike Exit 10
I missed it! I hope it was great! smile
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain

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