I promise I have read the regs and the threads but I have compliance head and need to know if I am getting this correct.

We have 3 loans products where the consumer gets the same rate regardless of anything. Example, all computer loans are X.XX% and all visa gold are x.xx% regardless of any consumer information.

We have other loan products where the rate is tied to the credit score. Example, auto loans based on risk ratings.

Can I give a H-4 to everyone who applies, even the computer and visa loan products or do I only give the H-4 to the other loan products and don't have to give a notice to the loan products that don't have a rate differential.

What if I want to give a H-6. Would that be easier? Still don't have to give to the loan products with no rate differrential and only give to the other loan products for the consumers who didn't get the best rate.