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#1787340 - 02/19/13 07:49 PM Execution of documents for LLC
mseth Offline
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I've had many questions lately as to the correct way for Members and/or Managers to sign documents for an LLC.
Member-Managed LLC - Do the members sign just as John Doe, Member or John Doe, Member-Manager?
Manager-Managed LLC - Do the members (if they are members and not just an outside appointed manager) sign as John Doe, Manager or John Doe, Member/Manager (since he is a member also)?

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#1801911 - 04/05/13 03:45 PM Re: Execution of documents for LLC mseth
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This is my opinion and not a legal opinion. If it is registered as a Member-Managed LLC with the NCSOS, then the operating agreement should show the members that are listed as the managers. Could be one or could be all of them. If it is register as a Manager-Managed, LLC with the NCSOS, the operating agreement should show the managers name. He could be a member. I would list them on the borrowing resolution as to how it is registered with the NCSOS. Even if they are member and it is manager-managed. I would list that beside their name. If it makes you feel even more secured you could put member in parantheses beside that. Hope that helps.

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