I have a question about an open-end unsecured line of credit that we offer customer as overdraft protection. This is separate from our Bounce product. Customers credit is pulled and they are approved with a certain line amount. If the checking account is overdrawn we will make advances in $100.00 increments, and we draft their checking account once a month for the payment which is 1.5% of the outstanding balance. The bank has decided to terminate this product. The agreement signed by our customer states we will give them 15 days notice of any term changes to the product. Can I send them a letter stating we will no longer be able to make the product available, tell them as of a certain date there will be no further advances, and they can either pay off the remaining balance, or we will set them up on a monthly payment and give them those particulars. Will I be in compliance with Reg. Z., and is our disclosure okay stating a 15 day notice, or do we need to send a 45 day notice?