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#1821280 - 06/06/13 09:34 PM SCRA Eligibility-Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program
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In the case of the Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program, the enlistee enters active duty several months after signing the enlistment papers. During that several month timeframe, the enlistee is in the Air Force Reserves. Is the servicemember considered a reservist during the period between signing the enlistment papers and reporting for active duty, wherein the date the enlistee signs the DD Form 4/1 counts as the notice date?

For example:
Enlistee signs DD Form 4/1 and 4/2 on 10/3/08
Enlistee signs DD Form 4/3 on 3/3/09.

DMDC shows Active Duty State Date, but does not show any reservist information in this case.
I am far from versed in these documents, and am looking to interpret benefit eligibility for this servicemember.

What date should be considered the start date for SCRA benefits?


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#1821683 - 06/07/13 06:21 PM Re: SCRA Eligibility-Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program compliance kid
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While I can't specifically answer your question, when my son enlisted with delayed entry, his 8 yrs of service was completed on the day he signed the paperwork, which was in July, and not 8 months later when he left for boot camp.

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#1823445 - 06/13/13 07:51 PM Re: SCRA Eligibility-Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program compliance kid
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A person on a delayed enlistment is not on active duty and would not, IMHO be considered a reservist on orders. The SCRA is specific as to the nature of the orders so with a copy of those, looking at what Title they are issued under, you should have your answer.
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