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#1823313 - 06/13/13 04:44 PM FinCEN CTR Reference Guide
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I was wondering how many of your banks are using the FinCEN CTR Referene Guide?


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#1823336 - 06/13/13 05:09 PM Re: FinCEN CTR Reference Guide Getting_Grayer
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We definitely use it, although I'm not sure it does much good. Some customers just don't care.
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#1823343 - 06/13/13 05:23 PM Re: FinCEN CTR Reference Guide Getting_Grayer
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We use it and we know most customers seem not to care.
Treasury told us to keep passing it out as needed. And we do.

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#1823363 - 06/13/13 05:42 PM Re: FinCEN CTR Reference Guide Getting_Grayer
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Oftentimes called The FinCEN pamphlet, FinCEN CTR Reference Guide.
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#1823388 - 06/13/13 06:18 PM Re: FinCEN CTR Reference Guide Getting_Grayer
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We use it alot and always record the fact that it was provided so when we file a SAR on ths customer we include in the narrative a statement like "WE PREVIOUSLY PROVIDED THE CUSTOMER WITH INFORMATION ON CURRENCY REPORTING REQUIREMENTS AND STRUCTURING BUT THE CUSTOMER CONTINUED TO CONDUCT CASH TRANSACTIONS JUST BELOW THE REPORTING THRESHOLD. That way when law enforcment knocks on their door that cannot claim that they just did not know. Unfortunately, as other posters have stated most customers just continue to do what they want, at least until we close their acount.

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