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#1850767 - 09/10/13 08:50 PM Business Debit Card disputes
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We have received a few business cards that are disputing transactions that all indicates were part of a compromise. When we attempt to chargeback many of these transactions are not being credited back by the merchant as they deny since they receive signature for example Wal-Mart is notorious for doing this. At that point, either the customer takes a loss or the bank will need to consider the relationship and possibility take a loss. Is there anything that can be done in the chargeback process to advise transactions hitting were due to a card compromise?

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#1850809 - 09/10/13 11:06 PM Re: Business Debit Card disputes Dsalarey
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Business cards may not be covered under Reg E, but if they're Visa or MasterCard branded, the transactions may be covered for the cardholder under their "Zero Liability" coverage. Here are links to both sites:

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#1850820 - 09/11/13 02:43 AM Re: Business Debit Card disputes Dsalarey
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Betsy, you can't pay for advertising like that. smile

Effective April 20, 2013 VISA/MasterCard removed chargeback rights for attended terminal card present transactions. Consequently, it is a waste of money to even try filing chargebacks in these cases. VISA/MasterCard rules put liability for these transactions on the issuing bank.

In the event of a compromise resulting in counterfeit cards, VISA/MasterCard may choose to fine the Member responsible for the breech and issue some fraud reimbursement to the issuers based on transactions properly reported to MasterCard's System to Avoid Fraud Effectively (SAFE) or VISA's Fraud Reporting Service (FRS).

For details on my upcoming programs check out these links:

Reg E vs. VISA: Debit Card Dispute Resolution

Reg E vs. MasterCard: Debit Card Dispute Resolution
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