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#185856 - 04/30/04 08:13 PM Is a shed a HMDA dwelling
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We are trying to decide if this is HMDA reportable. An agricultural lot with a water well, pump and shed. Would this be considered a dwelling for HMDA purposes?

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#185857 - 04/30/04 08:16 PM Re: Is a shed a HMDA dwelling
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It has to be a dwelling to be reportable. Could someone live there? Does it have plumbing and electric or is it like a pole shed or a utility shed??
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#185858 - 04/30/04 08:17 PM Re: Is a shed a HMDA dwelling
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The shed is around the well and pump, I presume. If that is the case, there is no way anyone except maybe Tom Thumb could use the well shed for a dwelling. I would like to see someone get a certificate of occupancy for that. Anyway, my vote is that it is not HMDA reportable.
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