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#1861221 - 10/12/13 06:33 AM Awful Night
_erica_ Offline
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I just would like everyone to please send prayers (and if you don't pray, positive thoughts) for some families we encountered tonight.

My husband and I went with the girls on my rugby team to the drive-in movies, during the intermission we were jump starting a car and we saw this wreck where two vehicles flipped off the highway, down onto the service road and hit a car of someone leaving the drive in.

Me and the hubby took off to help and my heart dropped when I saw the wreckage and an empty car seat in the middle of the road. We looked for and found the baby, and tried to get people out of the vehicles and help. It was really hard to try calm the family down and take care of them until the emergency crews arrived, but everyone came together. People were making calls for the ones who could talk, finding purses, a dog.. my husband grabbed people to turn around traffic.. My really good friend was holding the baby and it was not breathing for a really long time, another child was ejected and bleeding and in shock but okay. It was awful.

Thank God that the latest update reports that everyone is still alive. I honestly don't know how, the trucks cab was almost completely flat.. but it's a miracle. Those families are going to have a rough time, and so will a lot of those people who came to help. I am amazed at the good in people.

Thank you everyone.

Admiral-Twin Car Wreck

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#1861222 - 10/12/13 01:10 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
Dlynn58 Offline
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Praying for all Erica.

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#1861226 - 10/12/13 02:56 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
cheekEE Offline
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frown Prayers for the families.
Some days good karma isn't worth the hassle.

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#1861258 - 10/14/13 01:08 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
basilring Offline
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Spartan Country!
Hard to believe this... thank goodness for all those who ran to help and for the good outcome (considering).
Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will head for the beach!

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#1861290 - 10/14/13 04:25 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
manimal Offline
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frown They were lucky people with big hearts like you and your husband were nearby to help. Hope they continue to recover.
We're all here 'cause we've lost control.


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#1861300 - 10/14/13 06:01 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
ahkcompliance Offline
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It is so nice seeing complete strangers run to help in an accident. There are so many people who would just stand around and watch so KUDOS to you and all that helped in that situation.

Prayers for the injured for a good recovery.

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#1861337 - 10/14/13 08:43 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
Rocky P Offline
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Glad you were in the right place at the right time, were able to help and had first aid training. Thoughts and prayers headed to OK.

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#1861354 - 10/15/13 12:44 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
ecrew,CRCM Offline
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Sending prayers and positive thoughts to all who were involved, in the accident and for those who helped during the aftermath.
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#1861356 - 10/15/13 12:54 PM Re: Awful Night _erica_
JWills, CRCM Offline
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JWills, CRCM
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The Mitten State
Sending prayer to the family. And what a wonderful thing for you and your husband to do. We don't see too much good these days in prople. Hooray for you!
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