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#187078 - 05/05/04 04:27 PM branch signage
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We are opening a new branch in the short term and I am compiling a list of the necessary signage.

Below is my complilation. Am I missing anything?

Availability of Financial Institution Notice
CRA Notice
HMDA notice
Fair Housing Poster
Member FDIC signage at all stations where deposits are taken
CIP/USA Patriot stands
Funds Availability Policy
ATM notice - funds may not be available for immediate withdraw
Atm notice - foreign user fee
FDIC Certs

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#187079 - 05/05/04 04:34 PM Re: branch signage
Jokerman Offline
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I think your first one meant to cover this: Availability of Annual Disclosure Notice.
Also: federal employment posters.
Also: any required state disclosures.

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#187080 - 05/05/04 05:35 PM Re: branch signage
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I just went through this same list this morning Practically speaking, you will want to consider a holiday closing sign and something with a date for the table/counter where the customer can complete their tickets.

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#187081 - 05/05/04 08:45 PM Re: branch signage
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Consider additional resources to assist you:

Signage Checklist

Bankers Tools - Lobby Notice Info
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