Our bank would like to report that counterfeit cashiers checks using a correct routing number of 021308833 are being presented for payment nationwide in connection with overpayment scams related to online job solicitations.
The counterfeit checks resemble the banks authentic items but may be identified by the following: Counterfeit items are light blue, with white streaking through the background. They contain a blurred color bank logo in the upper-left corner and a dark top border with the following security statement: THIS DOCUMENT HAS A COLORESD BACKGROUND AND MICROPRINTING. THE REVERSE SIDE INCLUDES AN ARTIFICAL WATERMARK. The items contain one authorized signature. Items presented to date may contain a remitter name of Amanda Williams and be made payable for $2,999.00.
Recipients are contacted via e-mail after applying for online jobs at www.indeed.com and later receive a check in the mail for an amount greater than what was expected. The potential victims are then instructed to immediately deposit the check into their bank account and wire the difference in funds to a third party.
For additional information and guidance and to verify the authenticity of NBDC Banks cashiers checks, please contact Security Assistant - Rich Simmons at 131-133 Delaware Street, Walton, NY 13856, by telephone at (607) 865-4126, Ext. 152, by fax at (607) 865-6530, or by e-mail at rsimmons@nbdcbank.com.
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