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#1888690 - 01/21/14 07:05 PM Qualifed Mortgage and Balloons > 5 Years
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This might be a silly question but I have read so much material that I am REALLY starting to question my sanity. We are NOT a small creditor. Is it possible for 62 month BALLOON loan to be a qualified mortgage? (If it meets all the criteria, of course.)

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Ability to Repay/Qualified Mortgage Rule
#1888702 - 01/21/14 07:18 PM Re: Qualifed Mortgage and Balloons > 5 Years trinna
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The QM balloon exceptions are 1026.43(e)(6) and 1026.43(f)


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#1889280 - 01/22/14 10:08 PM Re: Qualifed Mortgage and Balloons > 5 Years trinna
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Agree with dblack. You can meet the ATR rule with a 62 month balloon but not a Qualified Mortgage. Your 62 month balloon cannot be a Higher Priced Covered Transaction.
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#1889387 - 01/23/14 02:58 PM Re: Qualifed Mortgage and Balloons > 5 Years trinna
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Well, it could be an HPCT if you include the balloon payment in determining DTI and ability to repay. If it's not an HPCT, you only need to consider the payments scheduled within the first five years after the scheduled first payment date.
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