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#1902648 - 03/05/14 09:51 PM Online Training
CrashDavis Offline
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Do not if this is the right forum for this question but here goes.

We are a small community bank and we use BAI for online training courses. It covers all area of the bank including BSA.

My question do any of you use another company for online training and what is your opinion of the company. Does it cover what your bank needs are.

Thanks for your opinion.

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General Discussion
#1902649 - 03/05/14 09:55 PM Re: Online Training CrashDavis
ACBbank Online
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New York City
Every community bank I have been at used the ABA LMS. It's a fairly easy tool and covers BSA and the alphabet soup as well. Regulators have always been ok with it.
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#1902652 - 03/05/14 09:59 PM Re: Online Training CrashDavis
manimal Offline
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Some state and nationwide industry groups (like the ABA) offer free online training with your membership. We've gone that route.
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#1902875 - 03/06/14 05:22 PM Re: Online Training CrashDavis
MrsSmithCRCM Offline
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We use ICBA's online training. We switched from ABA. I like ICBA's content and set up better, but as an administrator, ABA was much more user friendly... easier to assign classes, easier to maintain user lists, etc.

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#1902886 - 03/06/14 05:46 PM Re: Online Training CrashDavis
JWills, CRCM Offline
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JWills, CRCM
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The Mitten State
We use the ABA online training, I had checked with the ICBA online training, but because our bank does not allow all employees their own email addresses, we could only get it for those who did. Kinda defeats the purpose. I have been working with the ABA online for 2 years, I find it pretty easy to work with.
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#1903006 - 03/06/14 08:31 PM Re: Online Training CrashDavis
renniks Offline
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New England
ABA Training here...You can't beat free!

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#1903147 - 03/07/14 01:04 PM Re: Online Training CrashDavis
Elwood P. Dowd Offline
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Elwood P. Dowd
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I've seen no "standout" provider, but "cost" gives the ABA the lead.

No matter what vendor you use, online or computer based training must be supplemented by "live" training on the bank's policies and procedures.
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