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#1905942 - 03/17/14 04:18 PM Skipped analysis...
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We discovered we had skipped the annual analysis for one borrower, during our internal compliance audit. The analysis should have been performed in December 2013. Can someone give me some advise on what to do? Can we go back and re-create? This has never happened to us before...apparently the analysis date was omitted when the loan was booked in 2012. We'll certainly pay attention to that one in the future. Thanks!
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#1905958 - 03/17/14 04:48 PM Re: Skipped analysis... 1995Banker
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I wouldn't think you could go back and back date your analysis. I would probably cut a short cycle statement. And definitely document your file and the controls you have put in place to ensure that you don't forget to note the analysis date going forward.

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#1906139 - 03/17/14 08:53 PM Re: Skipped analysis... 1995Banker
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This brought back a memory from many years ago at an S&L where I worked...I am not sure what the logic was in the software, but we had a handful of loans for which we received the following message when we ran the escrow analysis program "Prepaid beyond analysis range..."
meaning that the borrower's due date was XX number of months into the future, so the program did not bother do an analysis.
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