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#1909630 - 03/28/14 02:44 PM Risk Assessment
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We are about a 1.5 billion dollar community bank. I am wanting to change my Internal Audit Risk Assessment. If someone is using an excel format approach and is willing to share, it would be greatly appreaciated.

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#1910146 - 03/31/14 07:48 PM Re: Risk Assessment osucpa
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We do not use excel...and are currently revising our risk assessment methodology.
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#1910270 - 04/01/14 12:22 PM Re: Risk Assessment osucpa
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I am using excel. I have a series of sheets for all of the areas that I audit that I use to evaluate controls. It feeds into a summary sheet where I also assign a value for inherent risk and whether the risk is increasing, stable or decreasing. The score that is calculated for each area is how I assign the audit frequency.

If you are interested, send me a PM with your e-mail address and I can share. Of course, you would have to modify it to fit your institution.
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#1913839 - 04/11/14 04:17 PM Re: Risk Assessment osucpa
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We also used excel, and set up the templates very similarly to how we set up our audit programs. Each risk area has its own tab, then there is a summary tab. That summary tab is what we use for the audit schedule.
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#1915235 - 04/17/14 02:22 PM Re: Risk Assessment osucpa
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I use excel like the one KYAuditor uses...
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