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#1910590 - 04/01/14 08:05 PM IRA Financial Disclosure and Projection Method
tryin2comply Offline
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In considering changing the "Loss of Earnings Penalty" under the IRA Fees of the Financial Disclosure, we see that by checking "Other" (such as a 12 month penalty)it states that Projection Method One(using the Preprinted Tables) cannot be used. Does anyone else use a Loss of Earnings Penalty that isn't on the form? If so, what Projection Method are you using? We were curious if there is another option. We certainly do not want anyone to have to calculate these tables. Any help would be appreciated!

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#1911104 - 04/03/14 11:06 AM Re: IRA Financial Disclosure and Projection Method tryin2comply
Elwood P. Dowd Offline
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Elwood P. Dowd
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You are clearly looking at tables produced by a vendor, not by the IRS; no one here can see what you are looking at.

Vendor produced tables are necessarily based on an assumption regarding the early withdrawal penalty. If your penalty is different you need to develop your financial projection using a rate no higher than you actually pay.
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#2248970 - 02/09/21 11:36 PM Re: IRA Financial Disclosure and Projection Method Elwood P. Dowd
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Could you please provide a source for the IRS produced projection tables you referred to in your response? I'm running into a similar issue with a vendor provided table that does not reflect O, 1, 3, 6 month penalty provisions which would suit our product type.

Thank you.

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#2248978 - 02/10/21 02:10 PM Re: IRA Financial Disclosure and Projection Method tryin2comply
rlcarey Online
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Are those projection tables even required to be delivered anymore? I have not seen a projection table for years.
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