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#191521 - 05/18/04 08:28 PM Letters Testamentary - expire
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Does anyone know how long Letters Testamentary are good for - 18 months, 24 months, eternal?
Is it by State Probate Code, or is it uniform in every state?

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#191522 - 05/18/04 08:45 PM Re: Letters Testamentary - expire
Tisa Offline
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Do you know the way to ...
Just from a practical standpoint, I'd think they'd be valid until the estate was settled.....

Rarely, we see "temporary" Letters Testamentary, that have an expiration date. I can only guess that there was an urgent need to settle some portion of the estate while the final Letters were being processed through the court. But those are very clearly marked as "temporary" and have a specific expiration.

As this is Probate, it will probably vary by state. I'm in Calif.
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#191523 - 05/18/04 09:23 PM Re: Letters Testamentary - expire
rlcarey Online
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My wife is currently an executrix and if I recall, the letters of testamentary issued to her were actually only good for 6 months. I believe it indicated that on the letters. I'm not sure if it's a local jurisidictional thing or if it's statewide in Texas.
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