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#1930162 - 06/06/14 02:01 PM Change personal information within 30 days
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What steps are banks doing to ensure that MLOs are updating the Registry for changes to their personal information within 30 days of the change?

We send the MLOs an email reminder quarterly. However, emails can be easily ignored.
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#1930172 - 06/06/14 02:07 PM Re: Change personal information within 30 days DoorKey
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What changes to their personal information?
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#1930173 - 06/06/14 02:08 PM Re: Change personal information within 30 days DoorKey
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All of ours signed a procedural statement when they were brought into the system, agreeing to update info within 30 days. I also do a quarterly audit of the system to make sure it matches us, and remind everyone come renewal time to make sure they check their info.

Audits generally find at least one problem, so people aren't always doing what they need to, but it's generally working at least.
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#1930461 - 06/06/14 06:41 PM Re: Change personal information within 30 days DoorKey
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Our newly married MLOs have updated their information within that 30 day window. What about if they are transferred to another branch? Can that wait until the annual renewal?

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#2202369 - 01/08/19 08:52 PM Re: Change personal information within 30 days DoorKey
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Is this a SAFE Act requirement? Under which section in the regulation does it state MLO information is required to be updated within 30 days and the required information to be update? Thank you!

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#2202372 - 01/08/19 09:00 PM Re: Change personal information within 30 days DoorKey
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From 1007.103(b):
"b) Maintaining registration. (1) A mortgage loan originator who is registered with the Registry pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section must:

(i) Except as provided in paragraph (b)(3) of this section, renew the registration during the annual renewal period, confirming the responses set forth in paragraphs (d)(1)(i) through (viii) of this section remain accurate and complete, and updating this information, as appropriate; and

(ii) Update the registration within 30 days of any of the following events:

(A) A change in the name of the registrant;

(B) The registrant ceases to be an employee of the covered financial institution; or

(C) The information required under paragraphs (d)(1)(iii) through (viii) of this section becomes inaccurate, incomplete, or out-of-date."

Found here:
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