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#1931421 - 06/11/14 03:46 PM Cool safety video
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Volkswagen - Eyes on the Road

For those who can't/don't access YouTube at work; this is safety spot created by Volkswagen on the dangers of texting while driving.

An audience at a Hong Kong movie theater settle in, and are watching what they think is an ad. It simply shows a driver going down a road at a moderate rate of speed. At one point in the video, the person running the video in the projection booth sends a broadcast text, which causes most of the theater-goers to look down at their phones, at which point, the car in the video crashes into a tree.

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#1931437 - 06/11/14 04:19 PM Re: Cool safety video Xian Ngyuen
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Sounds pretty impactful. No pun intended.
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#1931447 - 06/11/14 04:29 PM Re: Cool safety video Xian Ngyuen
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You are here
A crash course in safety.
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#1931457 - 06/11/14 04:33 PM Re: Cool safety video edAudit
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What...wait...weren't they complying with the requirement to mute their phones during the movie?
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#1931461 - 06/11/14 04:36 PM Re: Cool safety video Xian Ngyuen
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Well if I am going to be crashing into stuff while I text I need to upgrade to a Hummer H2 to keep myself safe!!! ^_-
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#1931468 - 06/11/14 04:42 PM Re: Cool safety video Xian Ngyuen
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I assume DeeQ was driving?
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#1931471 - 06/11/14 04:45 PM Re: Cool safety video TB 12
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Originally Posted By: Sox in '13
I assume DeeQ was driving?

There was an Hair bag deployment laugh
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#1931539 - 06/11/14 06:23 PM Re: Cool safety video Xian Ngyuen
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
the problem wasn't texting and driving, it was that the dang steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car and they were driving on the wrong side of the road
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