When a bank has a marquee outside their bank, are we not required to regulate what is placed on the advertisement? For example, we promote our bank products, loans services etc. We state Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. The bank building rents to an attorney, insurance agent and investment company in the basement. Once the bank product piece is done, the marquee states our Bank Name Business Center and proceeds to list the names of the businesses. Then the marquee proceeds to show our logo etc at the end of business name. A few years ago I read that we need to ensure we state Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender when promoting/advertising on the sign. My concern is the business center piece as the attorney,insurance and investment company are not affiliates of the bank and one could assume we offer these services. First, I don't think we should be promoting them on our marquee and second we do not disclose the "Nots". Also could we be at risk of a section 8 issue? I feel we are creating a mix for disaster...thoughts?