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#1937805 - 07/03/14 05:30 PM Business documentation for "Lego League" account?
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We have an office with a customer opening an account in the name of "Lego League." They have an EIN, they have meeting minutes saying who's authorized, and they'll CIP the authorized signers. Is there anything else the entity should provide for CIP purposes? They're not a sole proprietorship, corp., or LLC - they're just an unincorporated association. We're thinking they're good to go... Right?
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#1937810 - 07/03/14 05:35 PM Re: Business documentation for "Lego League" account? BBoyd
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I would watch the checks as they come in for deposit. I have seen people set up "leagues" and so forth in the names of legitimate businesses so that they can negotiate checks intended for that business through the unassociated/unauthorized league.
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