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#1942391 - 07/17/14 05:40 PM Subpoenas and such!
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rescue me
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I need some help. I am reviewing Right to Financial Privacy and looking at our subpoenas. Does anyone know what we need to have to release the information to local attorneys? Do we need the Certificate of Compliance for everything other than Grand jury and warrants?

Thank you in advance.

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#1942399 - 07/17/14 05:55 PM Re: Subpoenas and such! rescue me
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I am working a Right to Financial Privacy Act review as well. The RTFP only applies to the federal government and its agencies, minus a few exceptions.

The provisions of the Act do not apply at all to state and local government authorities. If the subpoenas from local attorneys are issued from your local court, I would say the Act does not apply so I don't think you would need to get a certification of compliance.

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#1943294 - 07/19/14 12:17 PM Re: Subpoenas and such! rescue me
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As noted, the RFPA only applies to requests/demands for information from the federal government. However, your state may have it's own privacy statute or even rules of civil procedure that dictate how you handle third party claims for information. You may want to re-post your question, sans RFPA references, in your state's forum.
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