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#1944544 - 07/23/14 03:25 PM Mastercard Change Effective 10-17-2014
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Based on other threads about this topic, it appears a change notice is required to be sent to cardholders, as there are some changes that have a negative impact on cardholders. Using our forms vendor is quite costly, so we are looking at creating our own statement stuffer to notify cardholders of this change. Obviously the effective date of the change and the specific changes that are being made need to be included. Other than the brief press release issued by Mastercard, where can I obtain specific information about all the changes that take affect in October? Does anyone have this information? Don't want to fail to include something in our change notice. Thanks.

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#1951652 - 08/11/14 06:47 PM Re: Mastercard Change Effective 10-17-2014 complygirl
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Anyone have any verbiage that they would be willing to share for the change notice. We are looking to produce either in house or do a statement message but not sure how to word these changes to where it makes sense to the customer.

Am I correct in that the Reg E $50/$500 still remains but just the Mastercard $50 is removed?

Thanks for any help!

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