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#1958896 - 09/03/14 03:33 PM Fee on HUD/Help!
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We have a loan where we issued a GFE after all title work come through there was an issue because customer starting work on property before title company was involved. We now have a lien Propection fee for lien coverage broken priority, does this fee get included in the 10% tolerance?

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#1959088 - 09/03/14 08:43 PM Re: Fee on HUD/Help! nikki_compliance
bgehres Offline
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If your title fees are subject to the 10% tolerance, yes. If you're within 3 days of finding out about it, I think a changed circumstance would apply (new information particular to the borrower that was not relied on) and you could re-issue the GFE with the correct title fees.

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