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#1966457 - 10/02/14 02:49 PM Re: So many TV threads, OK, let's talk TV then Anonymous
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I'm back to watching Revenge, Sleepy Hollow, and awaiting the Walking Dead.

The hubby and I got into watching Spartacus on the SyFy channel this past couple of months. We like it though, we know it was only on for 3 season on Starz. But, it's new to us.
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#1966461 - 10/02/14 02:53 PM Re: So many TV threads, OK, let's talk TV then Anonymous
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lcrew - I understand. My husband and I are watching 'Lie to Me' on Netflix even though it ended a couple of years ago and was only on for three years.
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#1966865 - 10/03/14 03:02 PM Re: So many TV threads, OK, let's talk TV then Sunshine Lady
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Originally Posted By: Sun Shine Lady
I like Madam Secretary. Watch the first two and that sets the tone for the whole show. Even got my husband watching it.
Watched the first couple of episodes - seems like rewatching the Geena Davis series Commander in Chief from a couple of years back. High powered female politico must find a way to merge politics and family and save the world from destruction. Also watched the first couple of episodes of Scorpion. Liked it, but wonder about the sustainability. Even Blacklist is getting tiresome.
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#1966875 - 10/03/14 03:19 PM Re: So many TV threads, OK, let's talk TV then Anonymous
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Blue Bloods is still fresh and good. And Tom Selleck aged well. I'm particularly fond of the episodes where the family is focused on like last year's where the 'please don't hurt my family' code came into play.

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#1966957 - 10/03/14 06:05 PM Re: So many TV threads, OK, let's talk TV then TXBSA
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Originally Posted By: TXBSA
Originally Posted By: Queen Mum
I am a TV junkie! I have way too many shows that I watch. Anyone catch Outlander?

Loved Outlander... can't beleive we have to wait until April.... it was just getting to the good parts of the book.

I've read all the books...I really LOVE the series! April is a looonnnggg way off....
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#1967016 - 10/03/14 08:05 PM Re: So many TV threads, OK, let's talk TV then Anonymous
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As someone else said, I am a total TV junkie. I have watched a couple of new sitcoms this season but nothing is knocking my socks off so far.

Favorites at our house (for the whole family) are The Voice, TBBT, The Middle, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and various Anthony Bourdain shows. We also watch a few competition shows on Food Network together. Hubby and I love, love, love Deadliest Catch but haven't gotten our teenage son interested in that one.

Hubby and son love Shield, and are giving Gotham a try. They like Falling Skies too. They also love Game of Thrones but we don't get HBO so they have to wait for those seasons to come out on DVD. Hubby loves The Walking Dead, as well as any basketball or football game that he can watch.

I watch Perception, Little People Big World, House Hunters International, occasional series on Hallmark Channel, and a couple of cooking shows on Food Network without them.

Don't know what I did before we had a DVR. . .absolutely can't stand to watch "live" TV anymore. Fast-forwarding through commercials is a beautiful thing!
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