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#1969535 - 10/15/14 05:07 PM Suprise Audits
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I need some thoughts and suggestions in regards to surprise audits that are done in the branch. I feel they should be random throughout the quarter and not done all in one day. What are other banks doing?

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#1969563 - 10/15/14 06:13 PM Re: Suprise Audits BusyBankLady
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If you are talking about items such as cash counts, random throughout the quarter.

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#1969578 - 10/15/14 06:34 PM Re: Suprise Audits BusyBankLady
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We do surprise cash audits randomly throughout the quarter.

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#1969587 - 10/15/14 07:01 PM Re: Suprise Audits BusyBankLady
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Surprise throughout the quarter and when drawers are short/long and on the last day of employment.

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#1969603 - 10/15/14 07:29 PM Re: Suprise Audits BusyBankLady
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What they said, and when they are leaving on vacation for at least a week.

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#1969622 - 10/15/14 07:53 PM Re: Suprise Audits BusyBankLady
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Surprise cash counts are to be performed by the branch manager or teller supervisor randomly throughout the quarter. Each teller drawer should be reviewed on different days, but sometimes the manager remembers on the last day and does them all that day. That is not good, but it happens. Also, what everyone else said - last day, leaving on vacation, over/short over a certain $ amount.

Audit Dept surprise audits for the branch happen less frequently, but all tellers are audited on the same day.
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