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#1976482 - 11/14/14 05:30 PM ID Question
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Do any of your banks accept a Voter ID card as valid ID - specifically the Alabama Voter ID card?

I appreciate any answers even if not for Alabama.


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#1976483 - 11/14/14 05:31 PM Re: ID Question CantBeShocked
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We would not accept a Voter ID card as a primary identification document.
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#1976486 - 11/14/14 05:36 PM Re: ID Question CantBeShocked
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Neither would we.
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#1976488 - 11/14/14 05:40 PM Re: ID Question CantBeShocked
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Assuming you are talking about ID for opening an account, it is your CIP that says what you will accept; i.e. if it says you can accept it, you're good. Otherwise, you are not.

My personal opinion is that it's pretty much worthless by itself and that most banks would accept it only as secondary ID. They might also list it as a minimal source of identification for people who do not have "normal" forms of identification due to age or disability.
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