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#1959264 - 09/04/14 03:09 PM Post Closing Audit
tcbruton Offline
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HI All, Newbie here. I am new to this financial institution and they do not have a checklist for performing post-closing audits. Does anyone have a checklist of post closing compliance audit review I can use?

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#1959609 - 09/05/14 02:02 PM Re: Post Closing Audit tcbruton
osucpa Offline
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I think you will find every auditor performs their audits just a little different. For instance, we perform our compliance audits by regulation, therefore we are only looking for specific items. If you are looking at one loan and trying to cover everything, that is a lot of information to cover.

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#1959758 - 09/05/14 06:11 PM Re: Post Closing Audit tcbruton
RR Jen Offline
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RR Jen
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Do you really want an "audit" for someone totally independent to perform or do you want a quality control process maybe back in loan servicing?

We have a post closing review done by someone in loan servicing. They track loan policy exceptions, missing documentation, etc. Our compliance internal audit function and compliance transaction monitoring by the compliance officer works like osupa...we look at them by regulation. So a file review is done for Flood or HMDA. They don't review the entire thing.

Hope that helps!
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#1971622 - 10/23/14 08:31 PM Re: Post Closing Audit tcbruton
PATSGirl74 Offline
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We have a post-closing quality control checklist we use for originated mortgage files. It covers the entire mortgage file for disclosure requirements and regulations (flood, hmda, etc.)The only area it does not cover, which is covered seperatly by our internal auditor is the underwriting if the loan. If you want I can send you the checklist and you can see if it something you might use PM me is you want a copy emailed to you
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#1982944 - 12/13/14 12:43 AM Re: Post Closing Audit PATSGirl74
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We are considering rolling out a mortgage loan program - so I would be interested in seeing your checklist as well if you would not mind sharing.

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#2010042 - 04/24/15 01:49 PM Re: Post Closing Audit tcbruton
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If you wouldn't mind sharing I'd be very interested!
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