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#1986249 - 01/05/15 04:03 PM One-Time Web Payment
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We have a customer that authorized a payment to the electric company on the web and now claims this payment is unauthorized becase they contacted the electric company to revoke the payment but it had already cleared the account.

Is this unauthorized per Reg E or would this be returned stop payment?


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#1986258 - 01/05/15 04:20 PM Re: One-Time Web Payment easd, CRCM, AAP
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If he says he tried to revoke it, there's no clearer indication that he authorized it and, if it has already cleared the account any discussion on whether payment can be stopped on a non recurring payment is moot.
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#1986266 - 01/05/15 04:45 PM Re: One-Time Web Payment easd, CRCM, AAP
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Ken is correct, it has already cleared the account so stopping the payment is off the table. If the transaction is less than 60-calendar days old, he can make an "authorization revoked" claim and you may return as such, assuming the transaction is not an ARC, BOC, POP, or RCK.
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#1986356 - 01/05/15 08:19 PM Re: One-Time Web Payment easd, CRCM, AAP
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You would use an R07 to make that return ^^^ but you will need a WSUD from the customer. Note that under Regulation E if the customer is a consumer and claims that he revoked the authorization before the transaction was due to be effected by the electric company, it's a valid claim and you'll need to process it under 1005.11 and 1005.6. Getting a timely WSUD speeds the process, since you won't need to do an investigation; you can simply approve the claim and send the item back, making it a matter between the electric company and its customer.
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