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#1996521 - 02/17/15 11:10 PM Elder Abuse
CrashDavis Offline
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We had a situation that happen today and want y'alls opinon should a SAR be filed.

An employee of the bank's father who is 94 years of age received a phone call this morning saying he won a new BMW. He was told he would need to send a money order overnight for $1,695.95 and the car would be delivered to him. He then purchased a money order and mailed it overnight to a person in the State of Washington ( he lives in the Southeast part of the country. He then received a phone call later that morning saying they would deliver the car that day and he would need to give them $9,900 in cash. He came to the bank and withdrew the money. This is when we found out what was going on. We called the police and apparently the scam artist got scared and did not show up. The man is always thinking he is going to win a sweepstakes. We were able to go to the post office and get the money order back that he mailed. Lucky the post office would do that. The customer did not lose any money because we stopped it before the transcation took place.

We only have the person's name that the money order was payable to and the address. We do not have ID on the person who the money order was mailed to.

Should we file a SAR and reason being elderly abuse.
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#1996529 - 02/18/15 12:44 AM Re: Elder Abuse CrashDavis
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You have a name and address - file your SAR and move on.
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