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#19974 - 06/07/02 12:15 PM IT Audit Training
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We have been using our external auditor to conduct our IT audit, however the expense is becoming too high. Management wants me to consider getting some training so that I can do it myself. I do have a background in IT - one of my degrees is in Computer Information Systems (before I decided to dedicate my life to banking!) and I worked in that department many years ago. My question is - does anyone have a suggestion for where to go for training? I have information from ISACA about their IS Audit and Control Training Week and a catalog from MIS Training Institute. Anyone have any experience with either of these or have another to suggest? Thanks.

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#19975 - 06/07/02 02:15 PM Re: IT Audit Training
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I do not have a specific guide for IT training, but I have developed (what I feel) would be important overall aspects on a risk assessment worksheet for training issues. I do not know how "good" it is but it is information I felt was relevant. It is part of what I am putting together for the Information Security Risk Assessment Package (also our Internet banking). I will send it to be posted. Let me know if you or anyone else identifies other items that should be in it or should not.


I also am finished with the Board/Management Oversight Risk Assessment forms and the Policies Risk Assessment forms. I will send them to be posted to. All I ask is for feedback so I know if I am heading in the "right" direction. The specific area assessments will follow as I complete them.

Hey, by the way, I like this section so now I can get some feedback on my auditing skills. Thanks everyone!!

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#19976 - 06/07/02 07:33 PM Re: IT Audit Training
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I have attended MIS events [both general audit and IT audit] several times and found these to be well-done.

Another source I like is Canaudit []. I have attended several of their courses and found them excellent. Explore their website to see what is being offered and sign up for their e-newsletter.

I would caution against doing all of your IT audit in house. If you have LANs. WANs, multiple servers, mini-mainframes, internet banking, etc., etc., you will be hard-pressed to keep up with it all these days.

Another good website is . New articles every month relevant to IT audit.

The internet materials and emails from SANS Institute [] seem very good. I am attending the SANSFIRE2002 in Boston this month to learn how to audit firewalls.
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#19977 - 06/07/02 09:53 PM Re: IT Audit Training
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I have attended a variety of seminars by MISTI and found them the be quite educational. On a feedback form from the last seminar I attended I requested they develop a course for financial institutions IT audit because of the more specific technologies used, i.e. Internet Banking, Check and Document Imaging, ATM's, etc. If anyone knows of a company that has training specific to Financial Institutions, I would be interested in knowing.

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