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#1986782 - 01/07/15 01:59 PM Branch Refresher Trainings
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I'm looking to possibly receive some comments regarding on going/refresher trainings. I'm new to the banking industry and come from a company where we had weekly classroom type meetings where training was easy to accomplish. Our bank has 15 or so branches and are spread apart from each other. Besides the few minutes before opening or possibly after closing the time with the entire branch staff is limited. Looking to see how others conduct trainings within the branches to include how frequent and the style they use (in person, ppts, etc). Thanks

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#1986784 - 01/07/15 02:03 PM Re: Branch Refresher Trainings MAK80
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we have online training for many of the standard regulatory or bank annual requirements (reg cc, bsa, kyc, data security, etc). we also have centralized training in classrooms for bigger topics (selling to customers, teller platform training, etc). we have weekly newsletters targeting specific business lines that cover new promotions, special rates, etc. These are covered in the retail world in the morning meeting as needed. We've also done "lunch and learn" webexes where people dial in over lunch and participate.
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#1987269 - 01/08/15 03:39 PM Re: Branch Refresher Trainings MAK80
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Thanks for the reply. That seems pretty much in line with what they have done in the past. I'm hoping to institute as much in person trainings as possible but finding online seems to be the most common and easiest in this environment. For the online training any recommendations for the providers. I've looked thru many of the threads and posts to see what online resources people use and have seen BVS mentioned a few places. Anyone willing to share their experiences and recommendations. Thanks for any advice that can be provided.

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#1987279 - 01/08/15 03:52 PM Re: Branch Refresher Trainings MAK80
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The previous institution I was at (8 branches) we went to online training due to lost time of travel, etc for the employees. Did some in house training at each branch as needed. Then only the trainer had to travel, would usually have training early before the bank opened.
Current institution (1 Office) still do online training every month with internal training periodically.
The online training program used as both institutions was BAI.

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#1989774 - 01/20/15 08:27 PM Re: Branch Refresher Trainings MAK80
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In my previous life (at a mega bank) we had Monday Morning Meetings. We were there usually 45 minutes before the bank opened doors. The meetings were a requirement, not a suggestion. The topics were pre-selected by someone, somewhere... So each branch was covering the same material each week, which was very helpful. One branch couldn't say "We didn't know that..." Well, I guess they could say it, but it wouldn't hold water.

The meetings had an "operational" aspect and a "sales" aspect. But the topics were always pre-planned so it didn't fall on the Branch Managers to have to whip up a meeting on their own. We always covered branch-specific incidents at the end of the pre-planned parts. We talked about losses that occurred at nearby branches (or at ours) and how we could avoid that in the future.

I liked the consistency the most. Every person (tellers, CSRs, Loan Officers, etc.) was in the meeting, which added perspective and value.

I understand the benefit of online training. But I've seen so many people take a course, pass the course, and have zero understanding of how it applies to their job duties. I think open discussions about important topics (regulations, sales, losses, etc.) is essential.

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#1998755 - 02/27/15 04:15 PM Re: Branch Refresher Trainings MAK80
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Online and mentor programs are good to keep bank skills sharp and up to date. If you are looking to improve branch manager effectiveness then personal coaching will deliver a much greater ROI. If you agree let me know and I'll provide more details on both.
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#2006487 - 04/07/15 01:26 AM Re: Branch Refresher Trainings MAK80
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My institution has 4 branches. For refresher training, generally tellers, customer service, & managers have separate sessions held in the morning during hours for upwards of two hours (typically on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), though sometimes the tellers & customer service reps go in the same sessions. We also use Bankers Edge Training for policies such as BSA & AML, etc.

They always try to keep the teller lines staffed during train, with only 1 person coming off a smaller line, whereas a larger line can usually spare 2 people. Several sessions are held until everyone has gone through training & it's held in one location for all four branches. It seems to work well for us.
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