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#200035 - 06/14/04 06:54 PM FRB Compliance Risk Assessment Holding Co
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The Federal Reserve has begun examining holding companies for compliance risk. They announced this in late December 2003. Does anyone have a "link" to the feds compliance risk exam procedures? They are coming to our institution soon and I'd like a "heads up". (Just a note....this is not a compliance exam in a fed member bank. This is an examination of a holding company to determine compliance risk for the entire company which could be made up of a national bank, insurance agency, etc.)

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#200036 - 06/16/04 07:06 PM Re: FRB Compliance Risk Assessment Holding Co

I haven't heard of this type of exam before. Why not call your regulator and ask them for a copy?

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#200037 - 06/17/04 03:09 PM Re: FRB Compliance Risk Assessment Holding Co
Jim Offline
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I believe what your refering to is the "MERIT" or stremlined examination. It stands for Maximum Efficiency, Risk-focused, Institution Targeted Examinations. MMMMMM! My understanding is that it allows the examinors to focus on the risk's noted by the bank and how well the risk is monitored and handled. This examination will be for banks with total assets of $1 billion or less and CAMEL ratings of 1 or 2.

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