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#2001919 - 03/16/15 08:50 PM Employee Referral Program
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Do you have a program where you pay a fee to employees for making a referral for new accounts or loans? Is this a program that you monitor internally at your Bank or do you use a third-party vendor for this tracking, etc. Please send me a PM with info regarding the vendor if you prefer. Thanks much!

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#2003229 - 03/23/15 01:53 PM Re: Employee Referral Program SunnyFL, CRCM
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Dan Persfull
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I can't imagine outsourcing this tracking to a 3rd party vendor. IMO that would be the individual's manager's responsibility or the department manager whose department is receiving the referral.

You also want to review Reg. Z 1026.36 and its Commentary for the definition of a loan originator. You could inadvertently be making your employees loan originators.
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#2003357 - 03/23/15 05:53 PM Re: Employee Referral Program SunnyFL, CRCM
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Agree with Dan, this is performed in house.

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