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#20154 - 06/10/02 03:27 PM FR2900 Report - Who must file?
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Does anyone know the threshold that triggers having to file the FR2900 report with the federal reserve? Management here can't decide if it's based on asset size, amount of time deposits, or amount of reservable deposits. We are filing it, but management wants to see if it is necessary.

We are a $250 million, state non-member bank (industrial loan corporation.)

Thanks for any advice.

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#20155 - 06/10/02 05:07 PM Re: FR2900 Report - Who must file?
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I did not realize there was a triggering item to file it. I have never worked in a bank that did not file. It was my understanding (and I could be wrong) that it was needed by all banks since this assisted the fed with the amount of funds that could be needed throughout the financial system in specific time frames.

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#20156 - 06/10/02 05:47 PM Re: FR2900 Report - Who must file?
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I attended an FR2900 Report and Reserves Maintenance Workshop hosted by the Los Angeles Branch of the FRB back in 1999. According to the FRB, all institutions fall into one of five reporting categories:

FR2900 (weekly reporting) Deposits >= $81.9MM ; Reserve liabilities > $4.9MM
FR2900Q (quarterly reporting) Deposits < $81.9MM ; Reserve liabilities > $4.9MM
FR2910Q (quarterly reporting) Deposits >= $52.6MM ; Reserve liabilities <= $4.9MM
FR2910A (annual reporting) Deposits >= $4.9MM <$52.6MM ; Reserve liabilities <= $4.9MM
Exempt (NO reporting) Deposits < $4.9MM

I cannot swear that none of the thresholds have changed, but they must be close. By the way, the workshop was very informative. I recommend it for those new to the FR2900 report.

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