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#2015204 - 05/20/15 04:33 PM SAR Transaction Amount
complylady Offline
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When completing the SAR transaction amount, do you include the entire transaction or only the part of the transaction that is suspicious? For example, someone deposits checks totaling $10,000 and cash in the amount of $9,900. Do you put $19,900 for the transaction amount or $9,900 for the amount that appears to be structuring? I cannot locate a clear definition. Thanks.

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#2015209 - 05/20/15 04:46 PM Re: SAR Transaction Amount complylady
Matt_B Offline
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You would report whatever part you considered suspicious. Based on your example, only the cash sounds suspicious, unless there is some pattern of odd activity with the checks as well and someone thinks checks fall under the same guidelines as cash.

But still at the end of the day, you're reporting suspicious activity, no reason to include the rest in your total, and if anything I'd only include it in the narrative if it seemed at all relevant.
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#2015271 - 05/20/15 07:29 PM Re: SAR Transaction Amount complylady
NotDoneYet Offline
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I agree with Matt B.

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#2015471 - 05/21/15 04:35 PM Re: SAR Transaction Amount complylady
kw004h Offline
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I also agree with Matt B.

Further, here's an example of when I might consider the check activity to also be suspicious: The checks are money orders or cashier's checks, or are sequentially numbered checks. (Potential indicators that the customer may have traded cash for those check items somewhere else, and is layering them along with the addidional $9,900 he's presenting to me.)

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#2015841 - 05/22/15 09:18 PM Re: SAR Transaction Amount kw004h
Cape Codder Offline
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Or are obvious payments received from clients of the corporate business being deposited to the personal account of the sole principal of the corporation . . .
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