Based on information found on BO, we implemented the process of responding to the boilerplate template letters from customers with type style signatures (not actually physically signed by the customer) with the following response: "The signature on this request does not match your signature on record. To respect the proivacy of our customers and prevent identity theft, unless a request can be validated we are unable to respond other than to request a valid inquiry from a valid customer." It sounds as though others are using this response or something similar. So my question is, if we respond to one of these boilerplate letters that is signed using a computer type style not a handwritten signature, when we receive other similar letters from the customer (also signed using a computer type style font, not handwritten signature) do we have to continue to respond to these? Since our first response recognizes that we do not consider these to be a valid inquiry from a valid customer, since signatures do not match the signature on file. Can we respond to the first one only? Or would we be required to respond to all of them? Thanks.