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#2031746 - 08/05/15 01:27 PM Debit Card
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For some reason some of our customers accounts were not debited on June 8th and 10th of this year when they used their debit card. Our operations department just received the list of those customers and are going to debit their account, it has been almost two months. This does not seem right to me. Any opinion's? Thanks

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#2031757 - 08/05/15 01:54 PM Re: Debit Card Overboard
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It sounds like you have a merchant that did not balance their credit card terminal for a couple of days and are now submitting the transactions for payment.

There is no such thing as a stale dated debit card transaction. VISA/MasterCard rules require that you attempt to post the transactions to your customers' accounts. If you are unable to post some of the transactions due to the account being closed or overdrawn and uncollectable, you may file a Late Presentment chargeback against the merchant for those transactions to recover the funds for the Bank.
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