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#2038494 - 09/15/15 01:35 PM Occupancy Statement and Ohio App Disclosure
Kisha Offline
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We are a LaserPro user and two documents have started printing out for our fixed rate home equity loans; Occupancy Statement and Ohio Application Disclosure. Are these documents needed for this type of loan product?

In reading the documents I can see that the Ohio App Disc could be used for all loan types.

The Occupancy Statement seems more for purchases and not for already established home owners that just want a cash-out loan or possibly a refi of their existing loan.

Please advise.

Thank you

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#2050736 - 11/20/15 06:37 PM Re: Occupancy Statement and Ohio App Disclosure Kisha
bgehres Offline
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The Ohio app disclosure needs to be given to all applicants. I would check to see if it already prints with your application if you're using a different system than LaserPro. Our old system included this language on the actual application itself, now we have a separate form.

I don't know of any requirement for the Occupancy Statement outside of a secondary market investor requiring it.

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