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#2042020 - 10/01/15 09:31 PM multiple wires to Panama
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A customer came to a teller today requesting to wire $9,000 to an individual in Panama.
He said he wants to wire $8,000 tomorrow & $7,000 on Monday - all to the same person in Panama.
When asked "Why?"

He said, "If a wire is received in Panama of $10,000 or more, the funds are held."

I have never heard of such a thing (and my internet searches of this "information" is getting me nowhere).
I don't want to spend too much time searching for a piece of information that may be bogus.

Have any of you heard anything like this?


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#2042024 - 10/01/15 09:35 PM Re: multiple wires to Panama SUSA
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No, but you're more than welcomed to request further information from the customer prior to sending out the wires.
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#2042052 - 10/02/15 12:38 PM Re: multiple wires to Panama SUSA
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Assuming you haven't already, I would also investigate the source of funds for those wires. I've had a few situations that sound pretty similar to that in which the originator of the wires is being used as a money mule.
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