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#2046325 - 10/27/15 02:12 PM Thumbprint for non account holder check cashing
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My bank is looking at getting thumbprint technology for check cashing. This feature can allow us to get a thumbprint of a person cashing a check when that person is not a customer of our bank. We are trying to determine if there are any issues with this product. We realize we would need to require the print consistently, but other than that does anyone know of any issues with this product? Thank you.

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#2046453 - 10/27/15 06:17 PM Re: Thumbprint for non account holder check cashing scb2011
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There are several problems with the thumbprint process that occurred with imaged checks. You will need to make sure that if you are scanning and imaging checks that the system will capture this fingerprint image as well. Unfortunately we were told by different police departments that a scanned fingerprint will not hold up in court if need be. Also if you are going to make this a procedural standard you will need to be certain that you have some sort of exception for those who cannot provide a fingerprint. Anyone remember the debacle faced by a large bank a few years ago that required a fingerprint from someone who had two prothetic arms? Definite publicity nightmare...

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#2046604 - 10/28/15 01:50 PM Re: Thumbprint for non account holder check cashing scb2011
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We require thumbprints for non-customer cashing checks as well as new retail customers opening deposit accounts. We understand it may not hold up in court if needed, however, our use with this is intended to deter check fraud. We feel the key value of this is in its deterrent effect.

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