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#2049960 - 11/16/15 09:59 PM red flags identity theft audit question
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So, we get quite a few "purchased" SSN coming in the door attempting to open accounts which we have a fairly large migrant population near some of our branches. We are doing outreach letting them know ITINs are acceptable by us so the number of mismatched (for loss of a better word) SSN have dropped dramatically over the past few years.

My question that just arose from a review of some of the remaining nonmatched SSN is unique to us. We had one where the SSN they attempted to use was already our customer.

Usually we don't know who the SSN belongs to and we just deny use to attempted ID theft. Since we know whose SSN this one is, do we have an obligation to let the true owner know of the attempted ID theft. I am on the wall. I can go both ways with my internal argument so appreciate any thoughts or if anyone has had this situation before.

Thank you.

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#2049995 - 11/17/15 12:32 PM Re: red flags identity theft audit question river girl
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How does your bank "verify" name/TIN combinations; more to the point, how do you know which is the "real" owner?
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