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#2051593 - 11/29/15 12:52 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits TMatt87
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My "Full Retirement Age" is 66 even. So I'll start getting 100% Social Security in March 2016, but I'll have to continue working at least 30 hours/week for about two more years to get my successor fully trained.

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#2051620 - 11/30/15 03:26 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits GenerousLife
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Originally Posted By GenerousLife
Full retirement in 215 days, 9 hours and 37 minutes.

But who's counting, right?
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#2051674 - 11/30/15 06:21 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits Elwood P. Dowd
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Ironic that the CFPB and not the SSA has the best tool.
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#2054723 - 12/17/15 04:53 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits 1 Peter 5:7
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Senator Shelby just issued a letter to Director Cordray criticizing this CFPB tool. He points out errors between the SSA's calculator and the CFPB's. He questioned why the CFPB used its resources to create something that SSA already had.
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#2054727 - 12/17/15 05:12 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits Elwood P. Dowd
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Senator Shelby needs to realize that the CFPB has an infinite budget, and the authority to do whatever it wants, as long as they put the word "consumer" somewhere. I do not believe Dodd-Frank required the CFPB to be accurate in anything they do.
I thought getting old would take longer.

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#2054732 - 12/17/15 05:32 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits Elwood P. Dowd
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Well, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Only 2 1/2 years left for me!!!!!!!!!
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#2054760 - 12/17/15 06:39 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits Sherlocked
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Only four months and two weeks until early retirement for me! I'm getting out while I'm still sane.

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#2055142 - 12/21/15 04:06 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits Starchild
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From the CFPB web site linked above:

Create a my Social Security account to review your expected benefits based on your actual Social Security record. You will also find additional information about your eligibility and other benefits including disability and survivor benefits.

The CFPB web site doesn't claim to generate the actual numbers because it doesn't have the data to drive them. So an allegation of "inaccuracy" should generate a "Really?" response. It also refers users back to the SSA website where, if they want to set up an account, they can get the actual numbers.

Was setting up the website really CFPB's job? Dunno, Personally, I think the nation would be better off if their employees were out next to the highway picking up trash.

For those calculating your time to "full benefit age" in years or even Mondays, expect that Congress will make the full retirement age a moving target; as life expectancies get longer the "full retirement claiming age" will rise. frown The other "trick" at Congress' disposal is to change the taxability of the benefits paid to imply (not legislate) that the benefit is more "needs based" than was ever intended.
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#2055391 - 12/22/15 08:17 PM Re: How Retirement Age Affects SS benefits Elwood P. Dowd
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