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#2056121 - 12/29/15 09:41 PM HIDTA's
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Currently utilizing the White House - ONDCP website along with the Federal Register (as the White House information is not up to d ate) to determine HIDTA classification. Does anyone use anything similar/different?

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#2056136 - 12/29/15 10:13 PM Re: HIDTA's Jennifer
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Ah the annual renewal process of a Bank's BSA/AML Risk Assessment has begun. When BSA/AML Officers gather various things posted on the internet in a vain attempt to access the risk of illicit actors laundering illicit funds through their financial institution. Truly, this is a glorious time of year.

I believe this is the 2015 List:
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#2056156 - 12/30/15 01:40 PM Re: HIDTA's Jennifer
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Minnesota looks clean.....too clean....:)
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#2056157 - 12/30/15 01:46 PM Re: HIDTA's Jennifer
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To qualify for consideration as a HIDTA, an area must meet the following criteria:

• The area is a significant center of illegal drug production, manufacturing, importation, or distribution;
• State, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies have committed resources to respond to the drug trafficking problem in the area, thereby indicating a determination to respond aggressively to the problem;
• Drug-related activities in the area are having a significant harmful impact in the area and in other areas of the country; and
• A significant increase in allocation of Federal resources is necessary to respond adequately to drug related activities in the area.

could be that the state and locals have not committed the funding (or funding as prescribed)
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#2056169 - 12/30/15 02:32 PM Re: HIDTA's PrimeTime
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Minnesota looks clean.....too clean

There is no consistent correlation between drug activity and a HIDTA designation; that fact that a state has no or very few HIDTA counties means nothing. Every one of the HIDTA counties applied for federal assistance and got it. The others either a) never applied or b) were declined for a number of other possible reasons.
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#2056276 - 12/30/15 07:25 PM Re: HIDTA's Jennifer
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HIDTA is a joke as far as risk assessment goes as far as my location is concerned. As edAudit posted the areas actually apply for this designation and receive federal funds and resources. Never knew of a state that turned down "free money".
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