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#2064157 - 02/12/16 07:24 PM Cleaning Crew Contracts
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Our bank hires out cleaners for each branch. Their access to the building is heavily controlled and we have proof of insurance, however I have not found contracts. I know there are industry expectations for these sorts of companies of course.

For those who use a similar service: Do you require contracts and if so, what sorts of things does it address?

The things I was thinking about was:
- Defining those controls that restrict their access and what we expect of them upon entry (not how they clean, but how they are expected to re-activate alarms, for example)
- Clarify that we expect the company to provide names and addresses of their cleaners in the event we experience an incident where they are or could be involved
- Perhaps even define what they should do to some degree in the event of an emergency while they are there (i.e. call branch manager or something)

Is this overkill? Or do others do this?

Thanks for any insight!

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#2064164 - 02/12/16 07:33 PM Re: Cleaning Crew Contracts Dog Lady
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No I believe you should have a contract plus depending on your bank size, this should probably be reviewed in vendor management. Items to include in the contract: responsibilities, privacy and confidentiality.

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#2066416 - 02/26/16 10:06 PM Re: Cleaning Crew Contracts Dog Lady
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I recall handling the cleaning contract many years ago. I remember the company owner saying his workers had no criminal backgrounds he could find, but if I needed proof of citizenship or visas for each of them I needed a new company because "locals" were not going to do this job for what it paid. You've heard that many times for other industries such as migrant farm workers.

But I agree, a basic contract is needed to define the terms of what is done for how much of a payment.
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