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#2073300 - 04/11/16 02:08 PM My mom has cancer
Quadspapa Offline
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Quadrupletville, Texas
My sweet 86 year old mom has colon cancer and she decided not to fight it. She's been frail the past few years and I'm glad she will enter her new life on the terms that she wants. She just went under hospice and the nurses and the Dr. are amazing. My 91 year dad is taking it pretty well, but is somewhat confused on all the different meds she is taking. I am so proud of my daughter nurse (the quads mom) who went with me to help take care of "Sugar" this past weekend. My sisters are there during the week and I go on weekends. Prayers would be appreciated.
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#2073319 - 04/11/16 02:39 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
3-2-Go Offline
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Prayers from Ohio.

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#2073320 - 04/11/16 02:42 PM Re: My mom has cancer 3-2-Go
yankee07 Offline
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I have been there with my MOM and it is a hard thing to watch. Prayers with you from CT

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#2073325 - 04/11/16 02:51 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
Skittles Offline
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Prayers from South Central, KY Quads.
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#2073326 - 04/11/16 03:00 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
Truffle Royale Offline

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Lots of prayers, Quad, for all of you.

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#2073327 - 04/11/16 03:07 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
JWills, CRCM Offline
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JWills, CRCM
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The Mitten State
Sending lots of prayers from Michigan to everyone.
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#2073353 - 04/11/16 04:40 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
E.E.G.B Offline
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the sandy shore
Thinking of y'all.
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#2073360 - 04/11/16 04:49 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
bonette Offline
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Prayers from Georgia.

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#2073366 - 04/11/16 05:04 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
Soccer Offline
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Prayers to you all.
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#2073369 - 04/11/16 05:08 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
doodles Offline
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Thoughts and prayers. Tough to watch but our experience with hospice in our area was fantastic (considering...). Hopefully yours will be as well.

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#2073392 - 04/11/16 05:50 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
HRH Okie Banker Offline
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Prayers from Oklahoma for your family.
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#2073397 - 04/11/16 06:00 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
TINKerBell Offline
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Tiger's Den!
Prayers from MI Quads for your mom and for all of your family.
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#2073414 - 04/11/16 06:32 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
RR Joker Offline
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RR Joker
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The Swamp
Prayers, Quad. She sounds like a very brave and sensible woman.
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#2073439 - 04/11/16 07:12 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
MB Guy Offline
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Way, way south.
Consider prayers said, Q. May Jesus Bless your mom, dad and family during this difficult time.
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#2073443 - 04/11/16 07:19 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
RR Jen Offline
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RR Jen
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Running and riding everywhere ...
More prayers for all!
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#2073447 - 04/11/16 07:33 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
cheekEE Offline
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Easy Street
I'm glad she is in the care of people you trust.
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#2073460 - 04/11/16 08:03 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
MyBrainHurts Offline
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Prayers for your mom, and for all your family. I feel badly for your dad. I hope he can handle this ok.
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#2073465 - 04/11/16 08:21 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
ecrew,CRCM Offline
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Prayers for you and your family are being sent.
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#2073520 - 04/12/16 10:56 AM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
Purple Pride Offline
Purple Pride
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Where I am supposed to be
Prayers from MN for you and your family.
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#2073554 - 04/12/16 01:58 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
hmdagal Offline
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More prayers for your family.

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#2073647 - 04/12/16 05:07 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
waldensouth Offline
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FINALLY ABOVE the gnat line
Prayers said for your Mom and family, Quadspapa.
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#2073861 - 04/13/16 05:08 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
Pale Rider Offline
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Pale Rider
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under the Lone Star
God bless you and your family quads. Thank God for the caregivers that do such good work in this area.
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#2073909 - 04/13/16 06:31 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
#ONENANA Offline
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Texas Girl
More prayers are being sent from Texas for you and your loved ones.
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#2073931 - 04/13/16 07:00 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
basilring Offline
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Spartan Country!
More prayers from MI for a peaceful journey. She is so blessed to be surrounded by family who support her in letting it be the journey she wants... prayers for each of you as well.
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#2077283 - 05/05/16 06:44 PM Re: My mom has cancer Quadspapa
Beagles22 Offline
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State of confusion
I am so sorry - sending my prayers as well.

I have a young friend, with a wife and 2 young children, that is going through his 5th round of chemo/radiation - they kill it and it comes back somewhere else in his body. He says this is the last fight he has in him - I can't imagine how hard it would be and what strength it would take your mom to make such a decision let alone someone in their 30's.
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