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#2077345 - 05/06/16 03:46 AM typical BSA roles
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I'm curious how other banks manage their personnel, particularly BSA. I know this largely depends on bank size. I'm currently at a $420ish million small bank and am the primary (basically only) person who is in charge of BSA/AML/CIP/OFAC compliance. Even though I am at a small, low risk bank, I still feel like a strong BSA/AML compliance program is a one person full time gig. Are many others doing lending compliance as well? I feel I am being pushed in that direction (no interest on my part) and that management genuinely has no idea what I do. Am I being a baby? Are you guys managing more than the BSA program? BSA, Deposits, and Operations I can completely understand.......... but lending? Maybe it's just me, but I feel that is an entirely different beast away from BSA world. Appreciate any insight into your worlds.

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#2077351 - 05/06/16 12:47 PM Re: typical BSA roles J_G
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So the bank is wanting you to act as a compliance officer role covering other areas of the bank? If you are in charge of BSA/AML/CIP/OFAC for a low risk bank at the present time, I would say you have some extra time on your hands (just my opinion). If you are asking for input, I think you need to describe your job duties.

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#2077352 - 05/06/16 12:50 PM Re: typical BSA roles J_G
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Like you said, BSA/AML staff is really bank by bank specific. Asset size, number of locations, customer mix, products offered, and current internal controls all play a part. Pushing you into lending compliance, depending on your experience is not a easy task and may take considerable resources to get you up to speed. Whether that can be accomplished with your current workload is really the question. If management doesn't have a handle on what you are currently doing, putting together a document of all current job responsibility and tasks that you perform along with the time involved and presenting it to them is probably the best place to start any negotiations.
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#2077355 - 05/06/16 12:57 PM Re: typical BSA roles J_G
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We are a 300 million dollar bank with 6 locations and we have a BSA/AML Compliance Officer, a Deposit Compliance Officer (Me) and a Loan Compliance Officer. We all stay busy with our own jobs....

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#2077394 - 05/06/16 02:34 PM Re: typical BSA roles J_G
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We are a small community bank with 2 locations. I'm the BSA/AML department, Deposit and Loan Compliance department, Security department and audit manager. We use an outside vendor to help us with some compliance monitoring. I manage the CMS program for the bank and I am the CRA officer. I have a BSA back up that is trained on doing my BSA duties when I'm on vacation. I have a Loan Compliance champion that helps me with our loan compliance issue. I try to recruit champions from different areas to help out but I'm still accountable for the overall BSA and Compliance for the bank. I totally understand where you are coming from. I met with Senior Management and did what rlcarey suggested. Went over all my duties and responsibilities and my frustrations. Doing this helped a lot but they still would not hire additional help. I do the best the I can. Good luck.

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#2077471 - 05/06/16 06:04 PM Re: typical BSA roles J_G
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700MM with 8 locations and I do BSA/AML/OFAC alone. I also do the internal compliance audits including CRA and EDP IT. I am heavily involved in Deposit Operations and front line staff training. I assist with HMDA review and Real Estate loan Quality Control. I revise all our disclosures and marketing material. I am heavily involved in any branch acquisitions even to the level of computer installation and network setup. I also manage our correspondent relationships which can be a big task as we deal with large banks like WF, US Bank etc... For me it is too much to do and do it well. On the plus side I just got the bank to hire a new guy so now I don't have to manage a 90MM investment portfolio and do a good portion of the year end accounting and reconciliation. More good news is I get to retire in 27 years when I turn 62.
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