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#2079505 - 05/19/16 09:09 PM Income from Non-Profit
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We have a potential borrower that created a non-profit in Aug 2015. She started paying herself from the non-profit in Jan 2016. Obviously, she has not yet received a W2 yet from her non profit. Now she is applying to purchase a home. So my question is, how would you evaluate the income? Like a self-employed borrower or like a W2 employee? This borrower worked previously in a similar line of work for 8 years prior to creating the non-profit.

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Ability to Repay/Qualified Mortgage Rule
#2079528 - 05/20/16 02:42 AM Re: Income from Non-Profit Carter'sMom
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like a W2 employee
The opinions expressed here should not be construed to be those of my employer:

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